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Greggory R. Wood

Greggory Wood is an experienced salesman, sales trainer, speaker, musician, athlete and actor.  His expertise in the areas of management, sales, marketing, training and motivation is based on over twenty years of work in the industrial, creative and professional service settings.

Greggory has been a sales representative, sales manager, sales trainer, speaker and motivator for companies of all sizes, including working his way up to National Sales Director for an Estate Planning company.  Greggory’s duties included supervising, training and motivating an agent force of 500 in ten States.  Greggory has applied his teaching and management knowledge internationally having lived and worked in Brazil and Costa Rica, as well as being a champion athlete.

For 5 years, Greggory was an associate with GMAC Mortgage /, one of the largest direct retail mortgage lenders in the United States.  Greggory was a Sales Manager for a team of 45 loan officers.  While at that position, the team achieved dramatic increases in both origination and funding productivity.  Within the first 6 months, many of Greggory’s agents broke personal sales records and the team lead conversion ratio increased by 23%.  Prior to becoming a Sales Manager, Greggory was the Senior Training Manager, where he developed all training related curriculum and personally trained 350+ loan officers in 3 years.

Greggory spent a year with Option One Mortgage Corporation, a leading wholesale Non Prime mortgage lender.  Greggory was a Client Development Manager for the National Accounts Division.  His duties included industry-specific keynote presentations, executive relationship development and management, and leading the development and training of Account Executives to evolve from a transactional basis to a consultative, value-added selling style.

Greggory joined Accredited Home Lenders in April 2006 as a Region Manager of Los Angeles and has the unique advantage of having worked in A-Paper, Alt-A and the Sub Prime sectors.  In January 2007, Greggory was promoted to GSM (Group Sales Manager) for the Western U.S.  Greggory’s primary function is to oversee the sales and production of Accredited’s Alt-A division on the West Coast. 

In addition to his professional experience, Greggory has an extensive creative background.  He was trained in the theatre and spent 6 years performing and touring with a musical rock group.  Along with music video and television commercial work, Greggory has performed in a number of plays including Hair, Bus Stop and Key Exchange.

This unique blend of hands-on experience in management, marketing, training, mentoring and public speaking allows him to directly relate to the concerns and issues confronting today’s sales environment.






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